Express Yourself.

I’ve take this literal statement into philosophical consideration heavily lately. I’ve always been disgusted by myself when I sit down with a pencil and paper and try to get my thoughts out. I studied film for so long because film is such a literal translation of imagination into reality, but when I’ve sat down to storyboard it never turns out. I’ve decided since that if it ends up on paper, it’s journeyed it’s way from mind to matter for a reason, as our seed fertilizes the egg from mental stimulation to human life. The millions of eraser shavings that have plagued my artwork for 20 years will be no longer and I will continue to express until I ultimately cease creation of a piece. Artwork is complex in reality but simple in spirit– there’s no reason to let reality stand in front of your self-expression. I believe I’ve come to this conclusion since I’ve decided to value spiritual insight more than fact. Although a lover of nature, science, and fact, I cannot deny the world’s unknown mysteries. Faith, spirit, knowledge, and wisdom may not control the blood pumping through my veins, keeping me awake, but rather keeps me aware. 

Ramadan 2014 Update.

Four days away and I’m nervous. I’ve never had dietary restriction before, let alone a firm schedule to stick to. I’m still excited, and I’ve decided to make Ramadan a cleansing period of my life. Time to reflect and gain insight on what I am thankful for in life. For the next month, I will be giving up more than just food on a normal schedule. Here’s a list…

Social Media, which I’ll replace with studying.

Netflix, which I’ll replace with leisurely reading.

Drama, which I’ll replace with truth.